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Videos & Photos From Our Trips and Charters

Blackbeard had a blast exploring Key Largo Florida! Check out some videos from our February trip below: 
Blackbeard Charters


Blackbeard's vessel, "Fear The Spear" is a 32' Luhrs Open Sportfisherman, equipped with Twin Cummins 370hp diesel engines for speed and safety, and is one of the fastest sportfisherman charter boats in the Southport / Oak Island area! We provide breakfast, dive snacks, drinks & refreshments on each charter. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to sign up for a charter. (910)465.1902 


Check out our charter schedule HERE.



September 3-10, 2016

During our 7 day dive exploration through the tropical waters surrounding the Cozumel Wreck and reefs in Mexico, we experienced the beauty of this underwater community. In this diver's paradise that is brimming with life, we observed angelfish, sea turtles, moray eels, and many other native marine species. Click through these photos to see the whole adventure!


September 13-21, 2014 &

September 5-12, 2015

The pristine waters around San Pedro, Belize were teeming with schools of fish, sharks of all sizes, and graceful sea turtles gliding around. We had an amazing time exploring the many reefs, especially with such clear water, and are lucky to have seen so much wildlife swimming around us.

Crystal River

November 8, 2014

On our three day trip to the springs and rivers of Florida, our first stop was Crystal River, famous for the number of manatees that congregate there in the winter months to keep warm near the underground springs. We did not end up using the scuba tanks since the river was only about 10 feet deep in most areas and the sound of bubbles scares the manatees. We ended up seeing over 15 manatees moseying around and it was an experience to remember! Click on a photo to see the entirety.

Rainbow River

November 8, 2014

Second stop on our Florida trip in November was for a long drift dive down Rainbow River, an exceptionally clear river with amazing visibility. In the green, aquatic vegetation swam gar and other fishes as well as turtles and a couple cormorant diving for food. Naturally bubbling springs along the way supplied the river with its water, rising up through the white sand on the bottom. Click on the photos to see the entire thing!

Ginnie Springs

November 9, 2014

Our third and last stop on our Florida trip was at the famous Ginnie Springs where natural springs bubble up from chasms in the bottom of the river. These caves, though the deep parts were off-limits to us as non-cave-divers, were interesting to shallowly explore. The water jetting out of some of the caves was powerful enough to push us backwards. Click on the photo to see its entirety.

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