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You will hear this message over, and over, again.

Scuba diving is a gear intensive sport and it is critical to comprehend that gear is Life Support Equipment. To not understand that is one of the greatest contributors to death in our sport. Dragging equipment through the sand, leaving it out in the sun to dry, and poor practices around cleaning and storage all can lead to faults, something we really don't want happening in 100 feet of ocean.  We know this. We know you know this.


Our professional technicians, trained by factory service experts, perform much of the work. But sometimes, we may not know it all. So if you have a Poseidon regulator, for example, we may partner share that service. We use our knowledge and buying power, to leverage relationships with other shops, guaranteeing a price that is better than if you went there yourself.

All service will be performed performed in accordance with Manufacturers standards, beginning with complete disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of all parts for damage/corrosion/wear.


    1. Replace any parts as appropriate and required.

    2. Assemble, test, and tune to factory specifications.

    3. Check for leaks.

    4. Inspect the high-pressure swivel, and replace o-rings.

    5. Inspect all hoses, clean the BCD hose QR connector.


We use only oxygen-compatible lubricants during all maintenance.


We have a targeted turn around of 14-21 days. if you need it sooner than that, please ask about our expedite options.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If the service we perform does not meet your expectations, we will readjust or service the item again, at no charge, within 30 days from the original date of service.

  • Regulators- $55 per stage, plus parts

  • Shoulder Octo- $55, plus parts

  • Regulator Tune Up - $25, (no disassembly, no parts)

  • BC Annual- $45, plus parts

  • Tank Annual Inspection- $30, with air fill  (Due to SLC issues, We reserve the right not to service Aluminum tanks manufactured pre 1990, regardless of manufacturer)

  • Valve Rebuild- $30

*You may contact our Service technicians directly ( for further information or for a detailed estimate once they have received your regulators for inspection. For issues incurred outside of normal wear we will make repairs after speaking to the customer.


Also, we take in for repairs via mail. The only extra charge is for the cost of shipping/insurance.


Merely ship it to the address below and  mark "SERVICE" on the package. Please include a clearly written description of the problem, along with Contact Information (Phone number and Return Address)

Compressed Gas and Rental Rates


Quite frankly, filling cylinders can be more art than science, depending on what it is you wish to breath. For this reason, we prefer you drop off your cylinders for filling, leaving us at least 4 hours to blend and verify anything other than air. When done in this manner we will guarantee your cylinders  to be +- 100psi of rated pressure and +-2% of desired blend . With that said, we do offer Air, and Nitrox blending, on the spot and pure O2 for those that know what to do with it.

 *Certification Cards, with appropriate Instruction level represented, will be required for all gas purchases.

All pricing is as follows:

Air: $10 , up to 80 ft3

Nitrox: $15, up to 80 ft3

             $20, over 80 ft3

All our rental gear is named brand gear, the same stuff you will see us diving, not garage sale left overs with us! In fact, much of our gear is less than three years old due to our policy to offer it for sale  at substantially reduced prices

Prices are per day:

BCD $25

Regulator $25

Wetsuit $12

Tank $10

Dive Computer $20 

Full Package (bcd, reg, tank, wetsuit, computer)  $50 (Air) $60 (Nitrox)

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