Bonaire Trip 2020

April 18-26th

About Excursion

Come with Blackbeard Scuba on our summer trip to Bonaire.  Bonaire is known as a Divers Paradise (its on their license plates) and is the shore diving capital of the Caribbean.  Get a tank, load up your truck, find a dive site (there are 64 of them), suit up, walk in and go diving.  The coral is beautiful, fish plentiful and the island amazing.  Plus, there will be a few instructors going if you want to work on a specialty or try something unique in this paradise.  And don’t forget about night dives, Octopus, Tarpon, Eels, Crabs, Basket Stars, and many more all come out to play at night, you won’t want to miss it!


During your surface intervals, Bonaire has many great restaurants, some cruise ship worthy shopping and an amazing gelato shop you won’t want to miss.  Grab your gear, mark your calendar and make your way to Blackbeard Scuba to sign up.


Dates April 16 - 26


Cost $2299

All Inclusive Package:

 7 nights & 5 days of Diving 

 April 16th - 26th

Blackbeard's Adventure Includes:




Airport Transfers

Rental Truck

7 nights in Luxurious House w/ large pool

5 Days of Diving of Unlimited Diving


All Rental Gear Included

Marine Park Fee- paid

             Upon arrival all you have to pay for is meals, desired certifications, & souvenirs. 



Call us for Questions & Registration